I'm a 14 year old dragon
rider. I've read all the Eragon books, and
know just about everything about it.

When you’re ex/3rd Bestfriend/hamster stops talking to you for teen wolf .-. lydiasparrish

What if Eragon and Harry Potter were combined and Galbatoix was just one of Voldemorte’s other horcruxes



I’m on the last book of Christopher Paulini’s Inheritance cycle and I have a topic/complaint to discuss

I’ve seen a couple people address his inconsistencies (Eragon sobbing over killing animals and then barely shedding a tear as he mourns the loss of somebody close to him, which could just be…


Elves don’t usually have pets because they hate to see innocent things die.


We need the Inheritance fandom to rise again .


Eragon (2006)



-Shake your hand for 10 seconds
-then lift in the air infront of you
-close your eyes
-feel your blood flowing
That’s how a Dragon rider feels when they’re summoning magic (:


okay so tomorrow i’m planning on seeing

  • portugal the man
  • chvrches
  • lorde
  • arctic monkeys
  • eminem (maybe)

i also wanted to see zedd or phantogram but they’re going on at the same time as the arctic monkeys so i probably won’t

No Ariana Grande ):?


So we found out that our new kitty is a girl so I’ve decided to call her Saphira. Also since she’s an outside cat she keeps pouncing at the window to get in..